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Microsoft officially says goodbye to the old non-Chromium Edge, support ended yesterday

Usman Aslam Written by Usman Aslam · 1 min read>

Remember that old non-Chromium version of Microsoft Edge we all used to just download Chrome? Well, Microsoft is officially ending support for the non-Chromium Edge and will be soon replaced by the fast performing Edge Chromium.

Though the company had said its goodbye to the old non-Chromium Edge in February 2021, Microsoft has officially ended the support from here on. The original Edge which was built to replace the sluggish but memorable Internet Explorer will now be known as ‘Legacy Edge’. In a nutshell, Legacy Edge will no longer support any security updates or patches.

Moreover, Windows 10 will now feature the Chromium Edge as its default browser whenever a user purchases a Windows-powered laptop or install any latest version of Windows 10.

Legacy Edge which was initially codenamed as ‘Spartan’ will automatically be removed and replaced by Edge Chromium in the April Windows 10 update.

Though Legacy Edge will be remembered by many users for its slow performance and lack of profound updates, its Chromium version is more of a competitor to its rivals Chrome and Firefox.

On a personal note, Chromium Edge is extremely better than expected. The performance, the time to loading a web page or perform any action is just top-notch. However, despite the vast speed, the most useful ability of Chromium Edge is that it hogs very little system RAM. Chrome on the other hand would literally consume almost all of the RAM a computer had thus inevitably hampering the performance. This had been mentioned by countless users who had opened 20+ tabs on Chrome.

In addition to less RAM consumption, Chromium Edge also features ‘sleeping tabs’ which basically disables an unused tab hence reducing memory usage by 32% on average and saving battery life. Moreover, vertical tabs are a new lifesaver as they allow you to easily navigate through countless tabs.

As a Chromium Edge user, the browser is highly recommended to all who are looking for sleek high-end performance and efficiency while saving battery life. All in all, it is expected that Chromium Edge will have more updates as it buries the old Legacy Edge.

Written by Usman Aslam
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