MIT backs Pakistani Virtual Reality startup Aiyin

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Aiyin, an Islamabad based edtech startup is a user experience focused company bringing million dollar science labs a click away with VR. Aiyin (pronounced “eye in”), brings science labs to students through immersive experiences in virtual reality, and is a part of the cohort of 20 startups that are eligible to gain support from the Initiative.

As part of its strategic vision to shape the future, the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI) supports initiatives, programs and projects that promote entrepreneurial thinking and creativity to meet the global need of building knowledge based economies and adopting future technologies towards a prosperous future for communities. The MBR is jointly run by MIT, Founder Institute, UNICEF, UNHCR and the Cambridge University. The Innovation for Peace and Justice challenge addressed issues refugees and displaced people face to access affordable, quality services that are essential to their safety and well-being.

After making it to the finale of Muhammad Bin Rashid Initiative, amongst 3400 companies from 148 countries across the world, Aiyin has won the prestigious #GlobalMakerChallenge the only Pakistani Startup, for Innovation in Peace and Justice category with ID2020 as a RUNNER UP.

During this process, aiyin has raised an investment of 1.65 Million Pakistani Rupees.

The winners and runners-up of the Global Maker Challenge were selected following careful evaluation by an esteemed jury of 47 globally renowned subject matter and innovation experts from world renowned organizations like the founder institute, MIT, AIRBUS, HoneyWell, Havard Business School.

About the students using the technology of virtual reality, Cofounder Harris Ahmed said,”Books, videos and tablets couldn’t take their attention away from their hardships, but using aiyin’s virtual labs made them smile, engage, immerse and understand necessary scientific concepts that will help them be a part of the next generation of problem solvers. That is what keeps me going, makes me get up in the morning, and sometimes, doesn’t let me sleep”.

Science labs worth millions in cost can be accessed in virtual reality for a fraction of the price. Students can physically interact with virtual tools through the use of VR technology and learn skills rapidly. For their work, team aiyin has previously been linked with investors from HTC Vive at the Laval Virtual Conference as a top startup, as well as been shown keen interest by Elon Musk’s investor Tim Draper.

This kind of immersive learning engages students at another level, and increases comprehension and retention rates, while making learning enjoyable. Virtual Reality can also be used to teach scientific concepts using a practical approach; instead of simply watching the diagram of a human heart, students can step inside one and travel in it.

This system also aids teachers in measuring the learning process by pinpointing areas where students struggle the most. The long-term vision of Aiyin is to make million-dollar science labs available to students, irrespective of their geographical location.

Building on past achievements, team Aiyin is determined to revolutionize the educational landscape in the country and across the globe.

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