Want to get into a PhD program at MIT? Note these tips from their professor

It’s a dream of professionals and students alike to study at MIT. The institution is a hub of research...

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MIT’s AI analysis shows extreme anxiety levels among people since the start of COVID-19

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) researchers with some help from Harvard Medical School analyzed the mental states of people...

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Nov 9 · >

MIT researchers create algorithm that helps doctors pick the right antibiotics

We know about smart algorithms that can diagnose diseases once you input a patient’s symptoms, but how about taking...

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Nov 7 · >

MIT’s AI can revive dead languages without ever seeing them

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have developed an AI that can help linguists decipher...

Oct 21 · >

MIT team develops AI that can predict heart failures from chest X-rays with up to 90% accuracy

Heart failures are complex conditions, and detecting them accurately can be even more complicated. Manual diagnoses made by doctors...

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Oct 5 · >

This app is perfect for teaching programming to your kids

Have you ever considered teaching your kids how to program? Or if you’re a primary school teacher, have you...

Sep 8 · >

MIT backs Pakistani Virtual Reality startup Aiyin

Aiyin, an Islamabad based edtech startup is a user experience focused company bringing million dollar science labs a click...

Sep 7 · >

MIT Dream Lab is building devices to let us hack our own dreams

Researchers at MIT Dream Lab are developing a device that will let us interact with, and even control what...

Jun 26 · >

MIT researchers succeed in creating artificial brain chips

A group of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) recently published a paper describing a new type...

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Jun 16 · >

This open-source, low cost ventilator design from MIT could save thousand of lives

One of the most essential tools in the fight against the novel coronavirus is the ventilator, which helps people...

Mar 30 · >

MIT develops ‘smart surface’ that can boost wireless signals by 10 times

5G is being touted as the most revolutionary technology of the last 10 years, however, it doesn’t come without...

Feb 4 · >

This shape-shifting material by MIT can replicate human faces

4D materials, also called active origami or shape-morphing systems, are the next big thing after 3D printing. Research has...

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