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Most Followed TikTok Accounts in 2022

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TikTok 2022

The internet has become a strangely addictive world, especially the Chinese social media platform TikTok which has become a sensation for people of all ages, especially teens. TikTok has been downloaded 1.5 billion times from Android PlayStore and Apple AppStore. With the increased audience, the number of creators has also increased over the years, TikTok has produced many celebrities that make a luxurious living off of making 15 seconds videos.

The top most followed list of TikTok is very volatile and creators are always after each other’s spot. So here is the latest list of the top most followed creators on TikTok.

10. Dixie D’amelio

Followers: 57.4 Million

Dixie D’amelio

Dixie is the elder of the D’amelio sisters and has more interest in singing than in TikTok videos. She also started alongside her sister in 2019 and has been getting recognition ever since. In 2020 she starred in an American YouTube series Attaway General as the main lead. She also signed with the music firm HitCo Entertainment in 2020 and makes music regularly. She also has a podcast show on Youtube called The Early Late Night Show which hosted many famous people from all over the world and has got a lot of appreciation.

9. Burak Özdemir

Followers: 62.9

Burak Özdemir

Burak Ozdemir aka cznburak is another non-traditional influencer on the list. He is a professional chef and has his own restaurants in Turkey. He makes videos of himself making traditional Turkish food and is always smiling while looking at the camera instead of looking at what he is cooking. He has grown to the highest levels that a chef can dream about and recently partnered with Cristiano Ronaldo to open a London branch of his food chain.

8. TikTok

Followers: 64.6 Million

TikTok has its own account on the top followed list. They post the most famous videos of other creators, updates, and interviews from TikTok-hosted events. Many events are hosted by TikTok every year and the highlights of that events are also posted here. The page basically serves the purpose of supporting and appreciating the upcoming talent.

7. Kimberly Loaiza

Followers: 66.6 Million

Kimberly Loaiza

Kimberly Martinez who is known as Kimberly Loaiza in the internet world is a singer and social media influencer. She started her internet journey in 2016 on Youtube where she posted vlogs and random stuff. Later she also started making content on Tiktok, and that is where she got her most hype from. In December 2019 she released her first song “Don’t Be Jealous” and it did really well currently the song has 257 million views.

6. Zachery King

Followers: 69.2 Million

Zachery King

Zachery King aka Zach King is known as the “Final Cut King” in the internet world. He started on Youtube way back in 2011 with a couple of his friends. Then later he started making short videos on Vine, but he got real recognition when he started working on TikTok. He makes unique videos that are edited in such a way that it looks like he is doing magic. He doesn’t claim to be a magician but a magical editor. He has 2nd and 3rd most liked videos of Tiktok to his name.

5. Will Smith

Followers: 72.2 Million

Will Smith

Next up is the first mainstream media personality on the list that didn’t start from TikTok, actually, he started when the makers of TikTokers weren’t even born. I mean what can I tell you about the Behemoth actor which you don’t actually know? He stared in Aladin, Men In Black, The Pursuit of Happyness, and many other blockbuster movies that will be remembered forever. He started making Tiktoks a few years back and his TikTokers aren’t really bad with a help of his little prior fame(lol) his account was lit up instantly and has been growing ever since.

4. Addison Rae

Followers: 88.6

Addison Rae

Addison Rae is an actor, singer, dancer, and social media influencer. She also started on just TikTok making dance videos and later she found her passion for singing and acting. She debuted in the Netflix film “He’s all that” in 2021 and also released her first single “obsessed” also in 2021. She also has her Youtube channel with over 4.5 Million subscribers and she posts her make-up and dance routines there.

3. Bella Poarch

Followers: 91.2 Million

Bella Poarch

The third most followed person on TikTok is Bella Poarch. Bella is an American-Filipino singer and social media influencer who started on TikTok as a traditional creator doing lip syncs and skits, but later she found her talents in professional mainstream singing and has released many singles over the last two years. She also has TikTok’s most liked video to her name in which she lip-synced a song called “M to the B” by Millie B.

2. Charli D’amelio

Followers: 145.4 Million

Charli D’amelio

Charli was at the top of the chart in the most followed category for almost 2 years before over throne was taken by Khaby Lame. She makes fun dancing, transformation, and funny videos on regular basis and has achieved great financial success and fame at a very small age. She has been the role model for every American teenage girl starting out on Tiktok and she herself is only 18 years old right now.

1. Khabane Lame

Followers: 148.5 Million

Khabane Lame

On 22 June 2022, Khabane Lame aka @khaby.lame became the most followed person on Tiktok surpassing the influencer sensation Charli D’amelio ending her prolonged regime of being at the top. This is the perfect proof of the uncertainty of the platform, Khaby only made fun of some stupid viral videos in a creative way without saying a word or having a great camera or edit quality and he becomes the most followed. But his sarcastic approach towards the ‘too-formal’ areas of the internet is commendable and many say that he deserves to be at the top.