Neuralink Is The Only Effective Way To Survive And Compete With AI:Elon Musk

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Elon Musk, an owner of Tesla, the genius behind SpaceX, and a founder of Neuralink, has declared his statement that humanity must embrace the merging of man and machine if we want to compete with AI.

Artificial Intelligence has taken place in almost every field. It is an era where AI dominates everything.
In “Joe Rogan Experience” in 2018, Musk tested the company Neuralink which has something unique for everyone.
Musk believes that the latest technology will allow humans to achieve a state of “symbiosis.” AI enables a combination of human brains with computers.

Neuralink is an intelligent brain implant company, working since 2016 with the aim of curing conditions like blindness and paralysis.


Artificial Intelligence And Brain Technology

According to Elon Musk, “people’s attachment to their phones already makes them cyborgs, but everyone could still be smarter.”

The fact is that the information flow between the biological and digital self is painfully slow. The intelligent brain-machine interfaces help join the brain signals to a digital device. It works as a bridge between a computer and a human brain.

Musk believes that by merging with AI, humans will have the advantage of living their lives again. Connecting Brian to a device instead of becoming paralyzed. Elon Musk argued that humans should encourage advancements than trying to beat machines.

Neuralink’s main aim is to create a world where humans and AI work together harmoniously. Augmenting each other’s ability and achieving more than people can.

Moreover, Neuralink not only works for paralyzed and blind patients but also the device will help people fight Parkinson’s disease. The company’s ultimate goal is to create a technology that can seamlessly interact with the human brain to treat multiple disorders.

The company has the potential to “restore limb functionality for patients with paralysis due to spinal injury or stroke. Enable communication for individuals who have lost the ability to speak or gesture and bring improvement to the lives of those living with debilitating brain and spinal cord disorder”.

Neuralink claims to be one of the largest neurosurgery centers in the United States for potential treatments.


The U.S Food And Drug Administration (FDA) turned down the company’s request to proceed to human trials at the beginning of the last year, citing serious safety concerns.

Neuralink claims that the FDA gave it a thorough list of issues that must be resolved before the business can proceed with human testing. Hence, it’s a vital step toward obtaining final approval for its product.

In addition, the primary concern was the device’s lithium battery, the probability that the implant’s tiny wires could migrate to other parts of the brain, and the risks associated with removing the device without causing any damage.

Musk seems hopeful that Neuralink will receive FDA approval for human trials.

Moreover, Neuralink has reportedly spoken with Barrow Neurological Institute, a Phoenix-based center. To treat and study neurological diseases and to help a company with human trials.

On the other hand, Synchron, its competitor, has started making similar technology while Neuralink is facing setbacks.

Recently, Synchron implanted its first device in the brain of a human with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) disease.

Alas, Musk and other influential figures in artificial intelligence have expressed concerns about the potential risks associated with AI, despite having ambitious goals for Neuralink.

They have exposed an open letter urging a halt to the development of the AI system because of fears of a threat to humanity.


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