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Brain Computer Interfaces: Neuralink Faces Massive Challenges

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Neuralink, Elon Musk’s tech-venture is facing massive challenges these days. The San-Francisco company is under federal investigation these days. The company is in charge of animal welfare violation, as per the reports.

People are still confused why Neuralink is facing challenges whereas, Elon Musk’s other two ventures are operating  successfully.

Neuralink is working on BCIs brain-computer interfaces. The interface implants in human beings which enables them to communicate and move.

From past many decades, researchers are working on brain-computer interfaces. Neuralink is also working on same technology. However,several unique innovations makes it different what is already available in the market.


The device is fully implantable, battery operated and wireless. These features enables the device to finally move out of the laboratory settings. Due to the advanced technology Link is able to record the activity of more Neurons than any other interface. According to the report, an average device is able to receive impulses from up to 200-300 electrodes. Link is a modified version and can receive up to 2,048 electrodes.

With this technology, would easily combat degenerative diseases, paralysis and stroke.

Further Steps

According to the company, the next step is to implant the device in humans. Whereas, the company is already done with the testing phase. This is an important step a sit will enable further testing and development of the technology.

Indeed, it’s a major innovation to enable disabled to communicate and move.Aside from fighting with various combat diseases, there’s another risky and lofty goal set before this Neural  recording and data transmission device enable humans to interact with computers.

According to Musk, this would allow us to argument our abilities and ultimately create devices that could help us achieve superhuman intelligence. On the surface, it is quite cool, but on the other hand,if you could dig deeper, you will discover plethora of issues.

Massive Challenges

There’s the digital dimension of communication. The biggest challenge that Neuralink faces is the same one that plagues other implants, the body’s immune system. Our body’s are significantly designed to protect us from outside invaders, this is what these devices are working on. The body will try to fight them off, and this could cause inflammation and implant rejection. Another challenge is to remove the implant while the brain fights an infection is very complicated and there are no prior documented cases of this being done.

One of the study shows issues such as infections and device failures plagued 4.6% of patients with such type of implant.

Hence, Neuralink implantation seems to be less invasive than regular brain computer interfaces. It does not reflect that damage to the brain couldn’t be substantial.

Alas, for the individuals with spinal cord injuries or debilitating brain damage, the innovative device is a life saver. On the other hand, for healthy individuals, the risks seem to far outweigh the benefits.

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