New online torrent streaming tool, Torrents Time, is facing the wrath of anti-pirates

By Maryam Dodhy on
February 10, 2016
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A few days ago we reported that The Pirate Bay, an infamous torrent downloading website, had rolled out a new feature which would allow users to directly stream torrents online rather than downloading them. This new feature came via the birth of plug-in called Torrents Time which actually allows torrents to be streamed in a browser. Torrents Time is only a week old and it is already on the hit-list of anti-pirate groups. And for good reason.

While copyright infringement and the illegal distribution of movies, music, games etc. is not paid much heed to in Pakistan, it is considered a great offense in the international arena. A Dutch anti-piracy group BREIN has issued a cease and desist order against Torrents Time, alleging that the browser plug-in is enabling illegal distribution of copyrights material. They hope to nip the problem in the bud as the plug-in has already been integrated by Kickass Torrent and The Pirate Bay.

According to BREIN:

“Through your website Torrents Time you are distributing the illegal application ‘Torrents Time’ that structurally and systematically facilitates, enables and participates in the making available of infringing content without the authorization of the respective copyright and neighbouring rights holders. ‘Torrents Time’ is enabling the illegal distribution of popular titles of films and of TV-Series that are published by the rights holders represented by BREIN and which have not been licensed for distribution through your system.”

Apart from being illegal, Torrents Time is not completely safe to use. It exposes your native IP address making your PC prone to attack by hackers. BREIN has stated that the tool extensively damages the rights holders and that the people involved in the plugin are liable to any further costs that may be incurred. The anti-piracy group has threatened to take down Torrents Time – however it is still unclear how they aim to do it.

Ever since BREIN targeted the fairly new tool and addressed its copyrights violations, Torrents Time has since come forth with their own reply. They stand firm in their stance that their plug-in is by no means illegal and they themselves do not condone the distribution of pirated content.

“Torrents Time is revolutionizing the world of torrents, here and now. Because it’s a revolution, you can expect a bloodshed, like the fate of all revolutions. Torrents Time is not a pirate’s tool. It’s cool and it’s legal. We are certain it will improve the world.”

Regardless of what Torrents Time may say, streaming and downloading of material without due credit the right holder is an illegal activity. But it cannot be denied that this practice is common throughout the world. And Torrents Time has delivered a solution that will appeal to a wide audience despite the fact the tool is completely unethical.

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