NIC Peshawar is inviting applications for its second cohort

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The National Incubation Center (NIC) Peshawar has opened the applications for its second incubation cycle.

NIC Peshawar is the third instalment in the series of National Incubation Centers that have been established across five major cities of Pakistan with the collaboration of Ministry of IT & Telecom with Ignite, Pakistan’s National ICT R&D Fund.

Like any other incubation centre, NIC Peshawar will not only provide mentorship and training but also provide access to investors and an industry network to the selected startups. With a state-of-the-art facility and a global curriculum, startups will have access to invaluable business development opportunities and significant digital resources. NIC Peshawar utilizes curriculum and resources from world’s leading incubator and accelerator, Founder Institute.

Program Categories

Similar to the programs offered across all National Incubation Centers, NIC Peshawar has also divided the program into three main categories to provide tailored training and resources for maximum impact on the progress of selected startups.

  1. Hatchery runs for 1.5 months acting as a breeding ground for startups that are in the early stage
  2. Accelerator spans over 4.5 months mentoring startups in post-infancy that are now aiming at further growth
  3. Plus caters to scaling startups that need capital for further growth over a course of 6 months

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How to apply?

Interested candidates have to provide information for their business idea and product description that they are building, along with the target market that the potential business offering caters to. Specifying the founder’s expertise and product stage as an idea, beta version or ready product will help startups get incubated across any one of the three categories to get tailored support.

Startups can apply to NIC Peshawar by filling this application form by July 31st.

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