Notice a society problem? Pitch your idea in FICS’21 and NUST students will solve it for you!

Written by Talha Ikram ·  48 sec read >

Finding Innovative and Creative Solutions for Society (FICS) is inviting people from the industry to give their input on the problems prevalent in the market for FICS’21. Titled the “Ideas by Industry” – the program is meant to get the much-needed feedback from the people working in the industry in different domains about some of the problems that they think should be focused on.

Once the problems have been outlined, the student teams will come up with innovative solutions to solve that problem. Students participating in FICS have already come up with many innovative solutions such as TAME – the winner of FICS 2016 that went on to win the Stanford Longevity Design Challenge held in California.

Founder & CEO of Alfoze Technologies has said, “FICS is a multi-stage program which encourages interdisciplinary innovation. Multi-million dollar ideas could easily emerge from FICS if we engage the industry and accelerate the program.”

That is why FICS is directly approaching the industry this year to present their problems so that the gap between the real-world problems and innovative solutions can be bridged.

FICS has been around since 2013 continuously striving to outperform itself every year. FICS’20 received more than 200 ideas out of which 52 competed for the top prize.

Head over here if you have a problem from the industry that you think should be prioritized by the teams participating in FICS’21.

Image Source: FICS