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How to apply online for your National ID card

Written by Behlol Nawaz ·  1 min read >

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has launched the updated version of their website through which you will be able to order National Identity Cards (NIC) from the comfort of your home. The facility of applying for a new NIC (National ID Card) is expected to be available very soon. This digital service will specially be useful for people who can’t stand in long queues due to personal commitments or health concerns.

NADRA’s services can be availed online using its Pak-Identity application on NADRA’s official website. Currently, users can apply for a new Overseas Identity Card, renewal of National ID cards, modification in ID card data, reprinting of ID cards and conversion to Smart Identity Cards.

A user would apply online for one of the given services by filling out a relevant form on the website and uploading the required documents. Payments would be made either through a credit card or a NADRA e-sahulat outlet. The application would get processed and the required card would get delivered to the delivery address. This whole process could take 9-12 days depending on the location of delivery, according to the official website.NIC

Overall the website has a clean, easy to use interface and provides simple instructions regarding its use.

The home page of the application gives very clear and easy to follow instructions regarding the overall procedure for application. Then there are easy to understand guides regarding filling the forms, requirements of photos to be uploaded, taking finger prints and uploading the documents. A “Supporting Documents” page generates a list of documents that need to be uploaded for a specific request.

According to the website, applicants would receive updates regarding their applications during the whole process via text messages and e-mails. Applicants can also check their application’s status manually by sending their application tracking ID to 8400 via a test message.

This service would be a relief for many people from the hassle of overburdened and overly crowded NADRA offices, for little things like modifying a mis-spelled name or reprinting a stolen/damaged NIC. Hopefully other government departments would also follow such leads from NADRA in turning their services into e-services.