NUST team’s energy efficient car wins big at the Shell Eco-marathon 2019, beating India among others

Faisal Saeed Written by Faisal Saeed ·  1 min read >

The Toyota NUST Automotive Group (NUSTAG), a Pakistani team from South Asia has cleared the technical inspection and completed their first valid run with a mileage of 72 km/liter making them the best team of the sub-continent.

The team from NUST has left behind India Bangladesh, Turkey, Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, Saudi Arab, Nepal, Philippines and many other South Asian countries in their category in the UrbanConcept mileage challenge.

Pakistan was ranked 3rd among the leading countries at the Shell Eco-Marathon 2019 Asia 2019, held in Malaysia, and NUST team car’s mileage won the 11th position out of 100+ teams in the competition.

This year a total of 55 UrbanConcept teams from South Asia took their innovative vehicles at the event to compete against each other in sub-categories including battery electric power, hydrogen fuel cell and spanning internal combustion engine.

Norman Koch, the Global General Manager, of the Shell Eco-Marathon said, “The UrbanConcept cars seem largely more reliable than in previous years. We already have quite a number of valid runs than ever before. They seem, overall, more reliable and I think being on a professional race track with ample space, big turns for overtaking helped the students to achieve better results”.

The competition also featured the first ever night race in the history of Shell Eco-marathon globally, which presented as a unique challenge for the participants of this event.

Shell Eco-marathon is a global programme for science, technology, math and engineering students to build and design energy efficient cars, and then compete with other participants from different countries. This programme inspires thousands of students from around the world to work together with their university teams to put their ideas of energy-efficient equipment to test, using critical thinking, innovative ideas, and latest technology.