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We are usually searching for smartphone applications that stand out so that you never miss a good, useful application.

Today we are covering an Android application which goes by the name of ONDiGO. Quite a catchy name, don’t you think? The application, we promise you, is better!

As the name suggests, ONDiGO is committed to ensuring that you can connect to your customers on the go. Unlike large business organizations where the customer service is a different managing area altogether, people in micro-businesses are generally striving to become Jack of all Trades.

If you run a business, you probably get personal and business calls on your phone. With the help of ONDiGO you can easily differentiate one from the other so that you can successfully manage both your business and personal network.  The best part about ONDiGO is THE fact that it is with you on the go. Whether you are home, in THE office or on vacation, you can manage your contacts right there on your phone. Create relevant notes to remind you of tasks related to the person and these notes can be viewed IN real time when the contact interacts with you, for example when (s)he call, the note will automatically pop up.. This way, you can get rid of all the reminders that you write down haphazardly and simplify your life with ONDiGO.

Think of it as a very efficient contact manager: tag your contacts so that they can be sorted easily. The world of ONDiGO barely begins here: with personal notes you can make sure that you cater to all needs of individual customers and never forget an important task again. These notes can be manually typed in or if you want to do it quickly, fed to the application using text to speech. You can also add meeting reminders so that you can take your performance to the next level of efficiency. Once you get organized, you can save your contacts and notes to the cloud to ensure you don’t lose them.

ONDiGO is useful. It covers all the main problems that people encounter on day to day business activities and comes up with simple, easy solutions. This app gets a few more points for the way it looks: ONDiGO has a clean and crisp interface that uses colors to catch your attention when you are using it. It is also user friendly; you don’t have to be very tech-savvy to use it properly. Adding contact related notes and tasks are just a click away and an easy-to-access button on top right can allow for sorting YOUR contact list.

We believe this application can be a great addition to your Android phone. Also good news for Windows and iOS users: it will be available soon on your OS too! Android users on the other hand, can get started right away!


Written by Qurat Zafar
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