Only 5 mobile devices may be imported per year for personal use, PTA

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been in the process of bringing a whole host of changes to the telecommunication field in the nation, be it introducing USSD system for mobile phone registration, issuing new mobile banking regulations or blocking millions of illegal handsets. Now, it is all set to bring changes to approval standards for mobile phone types.

PTA has accordingly notified “Mobile Phone Type Approval Technical Standards (Amendment) Regulations, 2019” whereby an individual can only import 5 mobile phones in a calendar year for personal use. Additionally, devices will contain only those Allocation Codes (TACs) that have been issued by GSMA and are affirmed by the PTA-issued approval certificate.

The TAC amendment, in full, is as follows:

“Provision of Type Allocation Code (TAC) details (e.g. GSMA TAC Certificate or GSMA TAC Code programmed on applied model device etc.) from GSMA Association in case of the device offering IME1/SIM based functionality. As part {of. evaluation of type approval request PTA will verify applied TAC with ¦GSMA-database and if needed further verification can be asked directly from GSMA for specific TAC. Upon approval of type approval request, all GSMA TAC (excluding those TAC which is placed on a blacklist by the Authority) issued against the specific model to be included”.

Furthermore, the import of handsets will only be allowed upon the provision of a certificate of compliance to PTA. This is reflected in the following amendment:

Amendment in regulation 12 of S.R.O. 1492(I)/18 — In the Type Approval-Technical Standards Regulations, 2018, at page 3172, sub-regulation (2) of regulation, 12 of S.R.O 1492(I)/18, shall be substituted and read as follows:” Authority shall allow import of PTA type approved models by all Persons by issuing certificate of compliant to Technical Standards for use within PTA/FAB…”

Moreover, Foreign Missions including High Commissions and Embassies shall file their COC requests for import of telecommunication equipment through Ministry of Foreign Affairs, however, they will have to apply for Type approval for terminal equipment after providing required documents/sample/fee to the PTA.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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