OPPO Find X2 – The futuristic stunner is set to launch soon

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The booming smartphone manufacturer globally, OPPO has something new in stock for its users. The company has made gigantic strides into the world phone market over the past few years, cementing itself as a key force.  OPPO phones are easy to spot because of its distinguishing design language, pop up cameras, and teardrop notches. With glossy reflective backs, these phones usually stand out in a crowd and earn praise because of its battery life, impressive cameras, and good performance.

OPPO with its exceptional pace of growth is bound to put more pressure on other high-end phone makers with its Find X2 which is all set to launch in March 2020. Like other smartphones, OPPO Find X2 will be attractive with high-end features and will have a lower cost.

Discover the power of high-definition display

OPPO Find X2 will be using a 120Hz display with QuadHD+(2k) resolution. This impressive aspect of the smartphone distinguishes it from its competitors like Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, offers 120Hz if the resolution is to set to Full HD+. Until and unless, Samsung releases an update to alter this, OPPO Find X2 will most probably be the first smartphone to use a 120Hz refresh rate on QuadHD+.

As 120Hz refers to the refresh rate of the display, an advanced refresh rate will result in the screen being able to refresh the content more dynamically. Users can experience smoother animations as compared to a 60Hz panel. This new feature is a treat for all gamers, specifically in the fast-paced titles.

Camera designed to perfection

OPPO has played its fair share of anti-bezel experimentation with the pop-up selfie camera, under-screen camera, and display notches. The experimentation with cameras has made OPPO renowned for its expertise in the field all over the world. Find X2 is no exception to that. The sensor in OPPO Find X2 will be larger as compared to the normal one. This is seeming to house the quad pixel split without decreasing the sensor resolution or light-gathering abilities. The all pixel autofocus will be quicker than the existing PDAF methods providing improved low-light focusing performance.

The sensor used in the smartphone is rumoured to be designed by Sony and focuses on 4 main areas, high resolution, high-speed focus, high dynamic range, and high sensitivity. The high-speed focus is appealing as it will enable better focus capabilities across all types of objects. The new sensor will be able to use each pixel as a phase detection pixel, which means that it can detect phase differences in X and Y directions. It has made it much easier to focus on the tips of the frame as the previous sensors could only use the center part to calculate focus.

Overall gaudy features

The OPPO Find X2 is expected to have a stylish and futuristic design with around 95% screen-to-body ratio along with a 1 billion colour display, which fundamentally means that it will have an HDR10+ compliant display. The bigger screen will allow the users to experience the cinematic display. Peak brightness is rated at 1200 nits. The new smartphone will be one of the first devices to launch with Qualcomm’s new processor, which has given Find X2 access to a whole lot of new features such as two-gigapixel processing, 25% faster performance rate and much more.

The other gaudy details are yet to be released with the launch of the smartphone this March. OPPO has set the expectations really high for the future as this new phone will become a game changer in the smartphone market.

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