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Pakistan Go Green Campaign has taken over the Social Media!

Avatar Written by Qurat Zafar · 1 min read>

Looking forward to celebrating this 14th August in the true patriotic spirit? Here is an idea: get your very own Go Green Pakistan picture!

Go Green Pakistan is a positive Social Media campaign with the aim to change the display pictures of Pakistanis as well as all the friends of Pakistanis to a green image, to one with the beautiful green and white flag in the display picture background. This August is the perfect time to give your pictures a green hue and show that you are proud of your country! All you have to do is submit your picture to Pakistan Go Green. Make sure you follow all the instructions and in no time at all, you will have a great display picture for all your social media sites.

Pakistan Go Green efforts started from Facebook in August 2009. Twitter came next and within 14 days, the group, which now numbers up to 40 volunteers, had to manage to change more that 10,000 display pictures on Social Media! Up till now, more that 160,000 people have joined the cause, changing their avatars to join a unity parade which shows the world that we are proud Pakistanis from all walks of life, doing what we can to take our country forward. Many Twitter celebrities including Jehan Ara have already changed their profile pictures to Go Green pictures.

Pakistan Go Green also has a massively popular Facebook page which is followed and visited by more than 1 Million Pakistanis. The campaign, which is completely free and non-profit deserves praise and recognition for their hard work. If you haven’t, go get your Go Green Pakistan picture now and celebrate the Independence day! May Allah always protect Pakistan and help Pakistanis keep the green flag high!

Written by Qurat Zafar
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