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Pakistan launches computer labs with the help of Huawei

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A ceremony was held in the President House of Pakistan with the Chinese Embassy to inaugurate a great event that will further improve ties between China and Pakistan. Huawei’s Deputy CEO announced the establishment of two computer labs in Islamabad. These labs will be fully furnished with desktop computers, printer scanners, multimedia projectors and UPS-powered.

The event was recognized with the slogan “Strengthening Digital Literacy, Enabling Bright Future”. the Principal of Mohsin Murtaza Shaheed Model School, Mr. Abdul Waheed inaugurated the event and expressed his views on the need for digitization in the education sector of the country.

The girls and boys of the school performed enthusiastically and creatively, which added color to the event. They also evoked the spirit and culture of the school in their presentations.

The Chief Guest at the event was the wife of President Arif Alvi, Begum Samina Alvi, who also highlighted the ever-growing need for digital literacy. The President’s wife inaugurated a computer lab with 31 computer desktops all equipped with advanced technology for students of Pakistan.

She said,

“This initiative amplifies the love of Chinese people for students of Pakistan. We are delighted and thankful for the close collaboration and support of Chinese entities. This gesture will be remembered and cherished. I hope the sponsors will continue to support the schools.”

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has emerged as a great help for Pakistan, the project is not just only bringing investment in the country but also spending on the basic needs of the country. Along with Lahore Metro, road infrastructure Pakistan requires a good structure for health and education as well.

Chinese Ambassador, Lou Xinyu, also participated in the event, She said, “China and Pakistan are iron brothers, the friendship has no boundaries and China will continue to support the education sector of Pakistan. The above project is just the beginning. Chinese Embassy and companies will continue their efforts to help to improve the local people’s livelihood and is ready to work with the First Lady to make more contribution to local people. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to all the friends whose efforts have made the labs possible, especially to Huawei.”

Deputy CEO of Huawei, Mr. Ahmed Bilal Masud also agreed with importance connectivity of education with world standards through technology, He said

“Data and intelligence are changing the way we work and live. Data is becoming a new resource and intelligence is driving productivity. In the next ten years, Huawei is ready to solve application problems in data and intelligence convergence, develop intelligent data, and lead data infrastructure innovation. Huawei plans to support more and more such initiatives.”