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Pakistani AI expert highlights importance of making country AI-ready

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Dr Masood Mehmood Khan, a Pakistani artificial intelligence expert, strongly believes that it is necessary to transform Pakistan into a tech-savvy and AI-ready nation so that it is prepared to meet future challenges. 

As reported by Business Recorder, Dr Masood says that artificial intelligence is an unprecedented form of revolution that will continue to change the way we think, work, and interact. 

Dr Masood is a fellow of Higher Education Academy (UK) who is currently working with the faculty of science and engineering at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. As an expert in the field, he is incredibly aware of the significance of AI technologies in the modern age. He insists that Pakistan cannot afford to stay outside the realm of AI and that it needs to get ready for it. 

The expert believes that it’s a tragedy that a general lack of understanding of AI has spelt negative outcomes for underdeveloped societies all over the world. The report cites businesses in developing countries failing to protect their customers’ interests as an example of how people are still largely unaware of how AI can affect them. 

Dr Masood points out several applications of artificial intelligence in the modern world that makes it impossible to ignore its importance. From classifying news articles in the field of journalism to helping doctors accurately diagnose diseases, AI is pretty much present in all aspects of life. 

In order for Pakistan to survive as a respectable and modern nation, the expert believes that we must prepare to avoid the underlying threats and reap the benefits of this AI revolution. Even though we are late, we can still develop an appropriate AI vision and strategies confidently enter the emerging AI world. 

Dr Masood recommends including basic AI knowledge in the nation’s high school curriculum and a beginner AI course as a subject of study in grades 11 and 12 as a first step. With appropriate academic oversight, students will be able to understand vital concept and put them to practice from a relatively early age.  

Written by Hamza Zakir
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