Pakistani Christian sentenced to death for sending a blasphemous WhatsApp text

Written by Ali Leghari ·  1 min read >

A Pakistani Christian hailing from Lahore has been handed a death sentence over a blasphemous text he sent over a messaging app.

A Christian named Nadeem James was arrested and charged in July last year when his Muslim friend filed a complaint against him stating that the accused, now the culprit, had sent him a poem on WhatsApp in which derogatory remarks were written against Islam, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W), and other holy figures.

The lawyer of the Christian boy stated that court has sentenced him to a death punishment on Thursday. However, the lawyer argued that his client has been framed by the Muslim boy over his alleged relationship with a Muslim girl. He said that we will go to High Court to appeal against the death sentence.

It would be worth mentioning here that the trial of the case held inside the prison after local clerics threatened James and his family.

Blasphemously is a huge issue in Pakistan, people to get personal gains and benefits if they allege someone with blasphemy charges. Mashal Khan case this year and a Christian couple case in 2014 who were lynched and burnt alive are the prime examples of it. Recently IHC (Islamabad High Court), while hearing a case regarding blasphemy, said to the government that amends the blasphemous law so that the one who makes a false accusation against anyone for personal gains should be dealt with harsh punishment.

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This is not the first time that a man has been granted a death sentence. In June 2017 a man from Lahore was given death sentence by the anti-terrorism court for sharing derogatory material about Islam on social media platform. Additionally, a man from Sargodha was also arrested by Police for posting sectarian material on social media. Court gave him 13 years jail punishment and also imposed a fine of Rs. 250,000 fine on him.

Via: Tribune