Pakistani Software BoloTech is aiming to help people with speech disorders

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In a world where speech disorders are a common problem that many choose to ignore, two Pakistani entrepreneurs, Shanza and Rabab, have developed Bolo Tech. Bolo Tech is a new form of software, one that aims to assist those with the speech disorder.

The software offers many different speech solutions in Urdu, and it is one of the new ways of helping people with this kind of problems actually express themselves. It’s developed in a local language, and currently, it only targets the elderly, but we can probably expect it evolve into a technology available to everyone in need of such assistance.

In one of the interviews, Shanza has stated that “One of the main reasons behind developing the software was the dearth of facilities provided in Pakistan to patients suffering from speech and communication disorders. In Pakistan, there are not many speech therapists available to patients, and where they are available, they charge between Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 5,000 per visit, adding that according to recent survey results about 13% of the country’s population suffers from speech and communication disorders.”

This kind of situation in Pakistan has obviously needed an assistance, and Bolo Tech seems to be exactly the right solution.
It’s offering a speech therapy, and it’s supported by many different features, including audios, visuals, and even some very useful games as well.

For now, this software is still in its testing phase, but everyone who wishes to learn more about it can look it up online. It can even be used to look for online speech therapists. As we already mentioned, it’s currently only going to be helpful for the elderly, but its later stages will definitely include an update for the children as well, so there’s no need to worry.

Bolo Tech is a perfect solution for everyone with this condition, and it’ll be interesting to see just how helpful will it turn out to be in practice.

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