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Pakistan’s business idol ERUPT is all set to make waves

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Careem, the ride hailing service based out of MiddleEast, which has teamed up with Plan9 and PITB for Pakistan’s first entrepreneurial roadshow where young, mad geniuses from different universities will compete to incubate their business idea at the Plan9. The aim is to contribute to the economic landscape of Pakistan while enabling budding entrepreneurs to see their dream projects come to life.

Motivated with being Pakistan’s home-grown entrepreneurial success story and having an 85% of Pakistani Captains in the network, Careem opted to be the prime mover. The abundance of talent, intelligence and innovation in Pakistan when guided and supported in the right way can be a force to reckon with. ERUPT is the answer to many young individuals who want to achieve more than just a desk job. Moreover, smart minds from all over the country will enrich and enlighten each other while being mentored by some of the industry leaders and trainers. ERUPT aims to not only instill a competitive environment but will also enhance the learning and knowledge of these participants.

While speaking to TechJuice, Fleet Manager and Special Operations Manager at Careem, Talaal Burny said,

“It’s start-up version of American Idol you can see, three great organizations collaborating to search & dig new tech stars, that is how seriously we are taking startup ecosystem.

Careem, Plan9 & TechJuice, altogether, are looking forward find our Steve or Musk or any Umer, Abid; who is ready to disrupt. In classrooms, they are doing everything they are not supposed to do, we are here to make sure that doesn’t happen anymore. Erupt is a platform with massive potential to explore untapped opportunities.”

Each university will have students compete within themselves during the Launchpad Round. One team will win to qualify to compete at the inter-university level for the Champions Round. Winner of this round will get the head start they need to be a successful entrepreneur!

Have a look at the table given below, to know when will the team be visiting you. With 200 ideas and about 800 students, let the fun ERUPT!

LUMSDay 118th NovemberFriday 11:00 – 3:00Usama
Day 219th NovemberSaturday4:00 – 7:00Zainab
UMTDay 121st NovemberMonday11:00 – 3:00Warda
Day 222nd NovemberTuesday11:00 – 2:15Rida
COMSATSDay 122nd NovemberTuesday11:00 – 3:00Ahmad
Day 223rd NovemberWednesday11:00 – 2:15Usama
FASTDay 122nd NovemberTuesday11:00 – 3:00Faizan
Day 223rd NovemberWednesday11:00 – 2:15Hammad
SuperiorDay 124th NovemberThursday11:00 – 3:00Warda
Day 225th NovemberFriday11:00 – 2:15Usama
IBA-PUDay 129th NovemberTuesday11:00 – 3:00Rida
Day 230th NovemberWednesday11:00 – 2:15Faizan
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