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Pakistan’s First Centre Of Emerging Technologies Set To Be Established Through UK-Pakistan Partnership

Written by Usman Aslam ·  55 sec read >

With the high dependency on the latest technological trends, the Extreme Commerce Magna Carta College (ECMCC) and British Computing Society i.e. AccrediNation are joining hands to establish Pakistan’s first Centre Of Emerging Technologies within the private sector. The corresponding agreement in regards to this project was signed today.

This partnership was signed by the Founder and Managing Partner of AccrediNation, Asad Aamir Ansari, and Head of Institution of the ECMCC, Abdul Hafeez Malik. The ceremony was also attended by Britain’s Deputy High Commissioner Mike Nithavrianakis and the Trade Director for Pakistan.

In regards to the concept behind the initiative, the founder of Extreme Commerce, Sunny Ali stated the following:
“Pakistan has lacked a Centre for Emerging Technologies. Although there have been efforts in the public sector. We are proud to take this lead in Pakistan to launch a private sector driven initiative.”

Moreover, Sunny further mentions how this would set a new route in training a new breed of human resource in the country which would then lead to better leadership for the industry. In regards to emerging technologies, Asad Aamir Ansari Founder of AccrediNation mentioned how technologies such as Artificial Intelligence can benefit numerous industries apart from IT but also medicine, finance, and more.

Moreover, CEO of Magna Carta college Ejaz Chaudhry stated the following:
“The IT certifications by BCS UK will increase the employability and freelance opportunities for our youth in the global arena. In today’s ever-changing and competitive market, IT professionals need knowledge, expertise, and practical skills that are internationally recognized and industry-relevant.“

Written by Usman Aslam
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