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Pakistan’s first digital learning festival to begin today

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 47 sec read>

The Trainer’s resource group is presenting an e-festival experience in the form of a 6-day digital ‘learning buffet’. It is going to be the first digital learning festival supported by a hundred business leaders, trainers, consultants, keynote speakers, facilitators, and coaches.

From August 10 to August 16th professionals belonging to everywhere in the country will have the opportunity to learn from renowned networks and trainers from other industries. The digital learning festival is available throughout the day for the participants.

The subjects under discussion would be Developing Voice of Influence and Leadership in uncertain times, Elevating Society with Business, leading in Quantum World, Tech Professional in Global Mindset, and many more.

International trainers such as Lucy Cornell, Dave Nelson, Sam Waterfall, and Luke Salway will also be featured in the festival. Over 50 learning, academic, and professional institutions in Pakistan like Pakistan Society for Training and Development, Management Association of Pakistan, Institute of Business Management, Karachi School of Business and Leadership, Nutshell conference, and Rotary Club.

The festival aims to showcase the learning and development industry of Pakistan, share innovative insights with the professionals, and foster the mindset and skill for future technologies. Above all, the platform is going to provide a way of learning in difficult times. The festival is also going to celebrate August 14 in the spirit of learning and better Pakistan.