Pakistan’s Leading Cloud Host Provider ‘Cloudways’ to be Acquired by DigitalOcean for $350 million

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Pakistan’s mega cloud host and SAAS (Security as a Service) provider, Cloudways has made an acquisition agreement and is soon to be acquired by Digital Ocean for $350 million. Serving the SMB market, Cloudways surely was an apple of the eye for any investor right now since SMB-focused businesses have been the hype lately.

With the $350 million acquisition, Digital Ocean has brought in some great plans. The company after acquiring Cloudways will work towards streamlining digital processes for small to medium-sized businesses. It is also aiming towards making the processes of scaling digital businesses easier and simpler.

For years, Cloudways have focused on providing the best security and day-to-day management services, therefore allowing businesses to be focused on their work and not worry about the complexities involved in handling their cloud. Apart from these services, Cloudways also has great offers for SMBs that want to take their digital leap.

Having satisfied thousands of clients, Cloudways has built a reputation amongst businesses and entrepreneurs. As a result, these businesses take up countless services such as infrastructure support, performance optimization and application management at cost-saving prices thus increasing their profits while not compromising on quality.

This acquisition was not the first time DigitalOcean and Cloudways have secured a deal, even before the acquisition, DigitalOcean provided the infrastructure for around half of Cloudways clients. Going on since 2014, the partnership was bound to turn into an acquisition.

Speaking about the acquisition, CEO Yancey Spruill, CEO at DigitalOcean said that “Cloudways and DigitalOcean share values around simplicity, community, openness and support that are vital attributes to how we differentiate in the marketplace. Together, we will be focused on providing a simple, easy, intuitive and trusted platform to better serve SMBs so they can build their businesses and pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship”.

Cloudways CEO Aaqib Gadit also spoke about the acquisition and said that “we have worked closely with the DigitalOcean team since 2014 and are now incredibly excited to officially be a part of the company.”

In their statements about the acquisition, both the founders seemed to have a keen and opportunistic eye on the SMB markets, “SMBs love simplicity, performance, predictability, affordability, and great support. Together with DigitalOcean, we can turbocharge our mission of helping SMBs grow through our cloud offerings” said the Cloudways CEO.