PITB is working on a Labor app for small businesses

Talha Ikram Written by Talha Ikram ·  49 sec read >

Punjab Information and Technology Board is working on an application to be used by the Punjab Labour and Human Resource Department (PL&HRD). The app will be used by the PL&HRD to register small businesses in Punjab to get an updated list of the laborers working in the region.

PL&HRD already has a Labour Information Management System (LIMS) in place which it uses to monitor labor market data and research market trends etc. This app will allow PL&HRD to get an easier method of registering laborers into LIMS.

This was announced at a meeting held by PITB with PL&HRD. The chair, PL&HRD Secretary Ahmed Javed Qazi, underlined the need for an automated system in governmental institutions for efficient working and directed the PITB officials to undertake the development on a priority basis.

The Minister of Labor for Punjab, Ansar Majeed Khan Niazi, was satisfied with the initiative. He expressed intentions to automate the entire registration process of the department to help the laborers.

Speaking on the occasion he said, “Only those laborers who are working in big industrial units are registered with us; we have the data of approximately 1.2 million laborers which is very low. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), our department should have three million laborers registered.”

News Source: Propakistani