Plan9 launches ‘Whizkids & Summer Entrepreneurship Bootcamp’ for young children

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Plan9 Whiz Kids

Keeping up with their tradition of promoting entrepreneurship in the country, Plan9 announced the launch of their ‘Summer Entrepreneurship Bootcamp’ for high school students. This is followed by another similar program ‘WhizKids Summer Camp Program’ for secondary school children.

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WhizKids Summer Camp Program

This initiative is focused on children belonging to grade 6 to grade 11. This program includes 2-4 week long workshops titled “Discover Your Passion” which invite school kids to experience new avenues of creativity and personal development. As a follow-up on the skills being taught at the workshops, children will also be offered weekly mentorship classes to help them sharpen their new skill sets.

Children will be taught from a wide array of options which include:

  • Coding: These workshops have been derived from tutorials based on MIT’s basic programming language called Scratch. Children will also learn how to create their very own website using basic HTML coding.
  • Graphic Designing: This workshop will allow artsy kids to use their ingenuity in designing logos, web pages, posters, and banners.
  • Mobile Application Development: Love playing Flappy Bird and Candy Crush? This is your chance to learn how to make your own app.
  • Entrepreneurship & Leadership Skills Development: This workshop will teach young kids the skills they will need to become a mature entrepreneur.
  • Marketing: Revolving around social media advertising, event organization, and sponsorship proposals, this workshop will prepare the youngsters for marketing careers they may be interested in.
  • Videography: For children interested in video-making, this workshop will help them acquire the expertise required in video making, animated movies, and video editing.

Apart from daily activities, each Friday will include some fun activities to let their creative juices flow. These will include:

  • Mak-i-stan: Make-i-stan is a space for creative people to share tools, knowledge and inspiration. It helps creative people bring their ideas to reality.
  • Bake Sale for SOS children: This will be a community building activity. All participants will bring in eatables and children from SOS village will enjoy them.
  • Poster Competition: Students will be asked to design a poster based on a given theme and time.

Applications are open till 1st July, 2016. You can apply here.

Summer Entrepreneurship Boot Camp

This initiative is focused on students form grade 12 to grade 13. The program, which is a collaboration between Information Technology University (ITU) and Plan9, is a one-month bootcamp where young children will get to experience life as an entrepreneur with other like-minded and equally talented individuals. The program will teach them Personal Development, Team Work, Corporate Social Responsibility, Communication Skills, Risk Management, Research, and Public Speaking Skills. Interested candidates need to form a team of 3-5 members. The two categories children can apply for are:

  • Social Entrepreneurship Challenge: Identify a real social problem that Pakistan is facing and find a creative solution to solve the problem.
  • Idea Stage Competition: Any idea, a childhood dream or any technology that you believe can be turned into a viable business opportunity.

Applications are open till 25th June, 2016. You can apply here.

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