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PlanX is accepting applications for its acceleration program

Written by Fatima Rizwan ·  57 sec read >

PlanX, an acceleration program for mid-stage tech startups, is a project by Punjab Information Technology Board. The acceleration program is now accepting applications for its 3rd cohort. PlanX has been inducting startups on rolling basis in past and has been accepting startups throughout the year.

The ideal startup for acceleration is the one which has developed a minimum viable product and its business model has been identified as well. PlanX helps such startups accelerate their growth by working closely with the team and identifying the problems in their current growth plan. The startup is also assigned a mentor who volunteers to help the startup in any way possible.

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The acceleration program lasts for almost 6 months but even after the program completion, PlanX continues to support these startups through different events, talks and networking opportunities.

According to a report shared with TechJuice, different PlanX startups have managed to raise, grow and gain huge traction in a matter of few months. Vivid Technologies, a startup acceleration at PlanX, raised an amount of 350,000USD from various international investors. Another startup, Baby Planet, managed to achieve massive growth in terms of daily visitors which converted into buyers. Other than that, and xGear have got several local and intl. clients on board.

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If you are a mid-stage startup with a business plan of a viable product and want to take your startup to next level. You can apply for acceleration here.

Written by Fatima Rizwan
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