Poland and Pakistan to Enhance Cooperation in Digital Technology and IT

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Poland and Pakistan to cooperate in industries such as Technology, IT and Energy
Federal Minister for Commerce ‘Syed Naveed Qamar’ had a meeting with Poland Ambassador to Pakistan. Economic development, trade and connectivity were primary topic of conversation

On Friday 7th October, the Federal Minister of Commerce ‘‘Syed Naveed Qamar’ held a meeting with Poland Ambassador to Pakistan Maciej Pisarski. Throughout the meeting, many topics of economic importance were discussed and a few trade decisions were made between the two countries.

Minister Qamar, who just recently met with the Zimbabwe Ambassador to Pakistan displayed an open hand towards the EU and its members. Qamar in the meeting said that Pakistan wishes to enhance commercial relations with the EU.

Throughout the meeting, the minister of commerce made it clear that relations with friends remain Pakistan’s topmost priority. He also mentioned that Pakistan seeks to strengthen its international relations as it moves towards economic development after facing both natural and economical catastrophes.

Mentioning the healthy relationship Poland and Pakistan has been able to keep up, Qamar mentioned the benefits of cooperation. He mentioned that Poland produces 80% of its energy with coal; Pakistan being rich in coal can help them with their energy requirements. By 2023, the country is planning on doubling its coal output and.

Poland is Pakistan’s 7th biggest trade partner in the EU. The two countries in 2021-22 had a total bilateral trade of USD 506.6 million. Polish Ambassador Pisarski appreciated these growing numbers.

The ambassador then said that both of these countries have great potential. He also went on to mention industries such as energy, digital technology, vehicles, machinery, engineering goods, information technology (IT), pharma, agriculture, and tourism. After mentioning the industries, he added that cooperation in these industries can boost economies of both the countries.

Pisarski showed concern towards the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) foreign currency control. He said that this policy is affecting business for many Polish companies operating in Pakistan.

Towards the end of the meeting, Ambassador Pisarski expressed his sympathies on the devastating flood situation in Pakistan.

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