PTA received over 40,000 complaints in 2018, more than one fourth about PTCL

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has received over 40,000 complaints for the year 2018. 12,873 complaints, which account for more than one-fourth of the total complaints, were against PTCL.

According to PTA, it received a total of 40,502 complaints during the operating year 2018. Out of these 40,502 complaints, PTA was successfully able to address 40,355 complaints, which were against different Cellular Mobile Operators and Internet Service Providers.

In its annual report, PTA mentions that out of the 40,520 complaints filed during 2018, 26,829 complaints were against the Cellular Mobile Operators, while only PTCL have complained against 12,873 times. The complaints against other ISPs working in Pakistan amounted to 766.

Majority of complaints were “Misuse of Service”, which includes fraudulent use of Mobile phone services to entice and spam customers. According to PTA, it received an alarming number of complaints regarding fake text messages and calls from unknown numbers, enticing subscribers with attractive prizes and plots to deceive and deprive them of their hard earned money.

According to PTA, to prevent subscribers against the financial fraud through these services, an awareness-raising campaign was initiated in the year 2018, which yielded positive results and will be continued throughout the next year too with the help of print and electronic media.

Written by Shaoor Munir
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