PTA responds to #BanPTA gamers complaints regarding packet loss – all services working “fine”

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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has responded to numerous complaints regarding packet loss. The regulator has checked with all internet service providers and has clarified that all services are functioning normally. Over the past week, Pakistani gamers have reported packet loss in games such as CS:GO, DotA and more and as per the complaints on Twitter, this issue is only being experienced in Pakistan.

Being a CSGO gamer myself, I was also previously experiencing a loss of 10~20% during my competitive games but it was recently resolved. However, a number of friends are getting around 50% to 60% packet loss which makes the game unplayable. On Twitter currently the hashtag #BanPTA is trending at number 3 with more than 16K tweets. Given below is the response by PTA:

The regulator further said that no service degradation has been observed:

People have been claiming that PTA is trying to implement a VOIP blocking system that is affecting games across Pakistan. Following is a collection of tweets by users from Twitter regarding the issue:

A user claims that all international servers have been blocked:

This user has posted a picture from a statement by a local ISP:

Have you been experiencing packet loss? Do you think it is an issue with your ISP or with PTA? Let us know in the comments!

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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