PTA hits back at GSMA, accusing the association for trying to affect court proceedings

Shaheryar Ehsan • June 11, 2019

PTA received 20,000 complaints regarding illegal registration of mobile phones

Faisal Saeed • June 10, 2019

International travellers are falling victim to fake mobile phone registrations

Shaheryar Ehsan • June 3, 2019

PTA blocked access to several popular websites over controversial content

Faisal Saeed • June 3, 2019

Fake mobile device registrations could lead up to 7 years of imprisonment

Shaheryar Ehsan • June 1, 2019

PTA reveals passengers mobile registration data got leaked

Faisal Saeed • May 30, 2019

Here’s how you can check number of registered devices under your CNIC?

Sajeel Syed • May 29, 2019

PTA and FIA should collaborate to resolve cyber crime complaints: NA committee

Sajeel Syed • May 28, 2019

Senate body raises concern over PTA giving data access to spy firm

Faisal Saeed • May 24, 2019

PTA blocked phones are being unlocked in black market for as low as Rs. 2000

Faisal Saeed • May 17, 2019

High Court orders PTA to not take any action against Jazz, Telenor

Faisal Saeed • May 7, 2019

PTA begins the process of blocking 2.8 million illegal smartphones in Pakistan

Faisal Saeed • May 3, 2019

PTA warns telecom companies to not increase tariff without proper mechanism

Faisal Saeed • April 30, 2019