Punjab govt launches new app to facilitate education for children in lockdown

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The on-going quarantine initiated as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic has had a considerable impact on the normalcy of life. Social interactions have frayed, businesses have suffered, and accessibility to education has taken a dip. In the face of this crisis, the government of Pakistan has launched various services in order to ensure that productivity and personal well-being remain as high as possible.

In this regard, the Punjab government has taken major strides to facilitate quality education for students from grades one to eight, as well as for those in matric and intermediate, during this difficult time.

Earlier this month, the TV channel Taleem Ghar was launched with the sole purpose of allowing students to learn at home. In a similar vein, a mobile application of the same name has also been launched.

Students will be able to access a wide array of localized and multimedia lessons that will also be free. Lectures on subjects ranging from science and mathematics to language and history featuring animated teachers will be available thereby allowing for a truly interactive learning experience.

The app’s launch was announced by Chairman Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) Azfar Manzoor in a meeting with the board’s directors and other senior members. He stated that this initiative was geared towards improving the efficiency of remote learning for students who have to put up with being quarantined in their homes.

The Taleem Ghar project is a joint venture between the Punjab Information Technology Board, School Education Department, and the government of Punjab’s Program Monitoring and Implementation Unit (PMIU).

Available on Google Play Store, the app can be downloaded here.

Written by Hamza Zakir
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