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Multiple NUST departments closed over COVID-19 cases

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST), Islamabad, has finally fallen victim to the Corona Virus as multiple departments...

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Nov 9 · >

Punjab witnesses 200 corona cases in a day as country’s positivity rate rises above 2pc

Punjab experienced its largest daily increase in coronavirus cases in two months as it witnessed more than 200 new...

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Oct 12 · >

Singapore announces plans to launch a wearable device to track coronavirus patients

Singapore officially announced its plans on Friday to launch a wearable device that will allow the government to trace...

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Jun 5 · >

Toyota announces support package for automotive vendors all over the country

Good news tends to be in low supply during these difficult times. However, the role played by industrial contributions...

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Apr 29 · >

Punjab govt launches new app to facilitate education for children in lockdown

The on-going quarantine initiated as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic has had a considerable impact on the...

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Apr 27 · >

This video calling app is much safer than Zoom and Teams, but not a lot of people know about it

Video conferencing applications have seen their value skyrocket during the coronavirus pandemic, as academic institutions and businesses have shifted...

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Apr 23 · >

Robots replace Japanese students at graduation ceremony due to coronavirus

As has been the case all around the world, public events and gatherings have been either canceled or indefinitely...

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Apr 7 · >

NUST students develop a platform to analyze the spread of COVID-19 in Pakistan

As the number of cases of Coronavirus increase in Pakistan, student teams from many universities are working on projects...

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Apr 1 · >

Israel is using computer analysis to determine coronavirus patients

Tracking coronavirus patients through their smartphones was a tricky move, and the Israeli government knew it. For one, there...

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Apr 1 · >

Google to donate $800m+ to help in the fight against coronavirus

It seems like Vice President Mike Pence’s words on the importance of industrial contribution during pandemics have had a...

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Mar 28 · >

Facebook experiencing record breaking usage due to Coronavirus outbreak

Since everyone has to stay home due to the COVID-19 virus on the loose, the only activity they have...

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Mar 25 · >

Apple pledges to donate 2 million masks for the coronavirus cause

The fight against pandemics like the novel coronavirus disease requires more than just public awareness and precautionary measures. It...

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Mar 23 · >