This rail company apologized after its train left 20 seconds early

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Japan’s railway system is known for its time, accuracy and punctuality. Its super-efficient rail service is one of the country’s greatest attributes. You might have heard that trains in Japan issue a note to every passenger if the train is late so that they could show the note at their workplace to prove that it was not their fault that they are late. Well, something unusual happened just like this and some people won’t even believe that it is true.

An Express train at Minami-Nagareyama station Japan left at 9:44:20 am on Tuesday and it was scheduled to leave at 9:44:40 am. Which means that the train left just 20 seconds earlier but that is a big thing for Japanese people. They take the time so seriously that the Japanese company thinks that the 20 seconds caused “severe inconvenience” to people.

Although the 20 seconds might have caused a little trouble to people yet the railway company took it seriously and apologized for its mistake. Here’s what the Tsukuba Express management posted on their website after the mishap.

“We deeply apologize for the severe inconvenience imposed upon our customers.”

The train conductor had not properly checked the timetable and the company says that it has strictly advised its staff to follow the procedure so that such mishap does not happen again. The train company took it as a necessary apology because some people synchronize their watches with the time at their local train station and they arrive at the station just when the train leaves.

Some people on the internet also appreciated this act by the company.

This is not the first unusual apology from a Japanese company. Last year, a Japanese frozen dessert company issued an apology when they increased the price of one of their items by 9 cents.

At one side there is Japan, which apologized even when their train left 20 seconds “early”. And on the other hand, there is Pakistan, where trains are hours late and almost never on time but no one apologizes ever.

Source: BBC

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