Pakistan Railways

Pakistan Railways Receives 46 High Speed Modern Coaches From China

In addition to the High Speed Coaches, Pakistan Railways will also receive 200 modern freight wagons The Pakistan Railways...

Nov 28 · >

Pakistan Will Be Able To Save Rs.13.5b Because Of Locally Built Trains

China has proved to be a true friend of Pakistan and is ready to help us manufacture environment-friendly engines....

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Sep 22 · >

Chinese tech company developing state-of-the-art booking system for Pakistan Railways

In recent news, Pakistan Railways has officially signed a deal with a Chinese technology company in order to implement...

Nov 17 · >

Pakistan Railways sign agreement with Chinese firm for AI-based project

In what is potentially a massively productive step for Pakistan Railways, the institution on Thursday signed an agreement with...

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Nov 12 · >

Pakistan Railways to shift 155 stations to solar power

Our national railways are apparently going solar. Pakistan Railways recently announced that it is looking to shift 155 railway...

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Jun 4 · >

Pakistan Railways’ ticket reservation system crashes across the country

Passengers all over Pakistan heaved a sigh of frustration as the ticket reservation system of Pakistan Railways crashed across...

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Jan 26 · >

Karachi Circular Railway to finally resume operations after two decades

Having last been fully functional back in 1999, the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR) will finally resume its operations starting...

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Nov 11 · >

Pakistan to get $8 billion loan from China to upgrade Railways

China is going to help Pakistan to upgrade its entire train network. A 1,163-miles track from Karachi to Peshawar...

Apr 13 · >

This rail company apologized after its train left 20 seconds early

Japan’s railway system is known for its time, accuracy and punctuality. Its super-efficient rail service is one of the...

Nov 18 · >

Pakistan Railway launches mobile application to book tickets

Pakistan Railway has launched an android application for booking train tickets through a mobile phone. The Directorate of Information...

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Feb 21 · >

Pakistan Railways to install free WiFi at stations and passenger trains

Pakistan Railways is going to set up WiFi hotspots at all divisional level Railway stations and on all passenger...

Aug 15 · >