I would’ve barred the use of smartphones if I had the choice, Sheikh Rasheed

Written by Faisal Saeed ·  48 sec read >

The country’s youth should reduce the usage of mobile phones and develop a pattern of sleeping early, said Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed, the Federal Minister for Railways. The minister gave these remarks while addressing the audience during a program at the Women’s College Rawalpindi.

The Federal Minister also made a comparison between boys and girls on the level of interest in education, saying that the girls are more competent as they get accepted at a score of 750 in the educational institutes, unlike boys who get the admission at 450 marks.

Sheikh Rasheed who is quite popular for making controversial statements said that he would have barred the use of smartphones if he had the choice to do it. He encouraged the youngsters to sleep early at nights and do not indulge in the extra usage of mobile phones.

The politician who is overwhelmed by his habit of smoking cigar said that educational institutes are being constructed on the plots given to him, and a contract for the construction of a women’s college had also been delivered on the city’s Sir Syed Road.

Sheikh Rasheed also added, that a nursing college and a hospital is in the process of construction in Rawalpindi, and offered to make Lal Haveli, the political center of Sheikh Rasheed part of the campus if the college decided to expand their college into a university.