Renowned Pakistani Data scientist alarms about the potential risks of disinformation generating from deepfakes

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 1 min read>

Deepfake is getting better with each passing day. However, if used wrongly they can cause bigger troubles than expected. Deepfake is known as the manipulated video content which is produced by digital representation. These videos include sophisticated and carefully designed artificial intelligence. With fabricated sound and imagery, the deep fake videos appear to be extremely real.

In Pakistan, not many people are aware of the deepfake and the potential of artificial intelligence. However, a renowned data scientist in Pakistan has been working on deep learning and its effects on our society form a long time.

Zeeshan UL Hassan a very popular data scientist that has been working in the field of cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and deepfake is offering online courses. The courses will be offered on a platform he generated commonly known as Al NAFI. Zeeshan Ul Hassan Usmani has also written a book for artificial intelligence.

According to him people’s understanding of technology can be enhanced if they are delivered the knowledge in their native language thus the book Zeeshan has written is in Urdu.

According to Zeeshan Ul Hassan, people do not recheck the resource or authenticity of videos and continually post it on messengers such as Whatsapp. Learning about cybersecurity and deepfake will help in resolving the social and security issues of our society. His courses also offer the tricks and tips with which one can spot the deep fake videos.

Facebook is the biggest social media platform where deepfakes are getting common these days. To combat the problem, the social media giant has been working day and night to combat the problem. A week ago Facebook has run a deep fake detection challenge that is an open competition to find algorithms that help to spot AI manipulated videos on the platform.