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Report Claims that Robots Will do 39% of All Domestic Chores by 2033

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
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Published in the PLOS ONE journal, the report is prepared using the opinions of 65 artificial intelligence (AI) experts from Japan and UK

A recent report published in the PLOS ONE journal claims that robots will be doing 30% of all home chores by 2033. Prepared through the opinions of 65 artificial intelligence (AI) experts from Japan and UK, the report contains other amazing insights into the AI revolution and also noted down the industries that are likely to be most impacted by AI.

According to the report, shopping as an industry will notice the highest amount of automation through AI by 2033, whereas the ‘old and young care’ is likely to be the least AI impacted industry by 2033.

“Only 28% of care work, including activities such as teaching your child, accompanying your child, or taking care of an older family member, is predicted to be automated,” said Dr Lulu Shi, a postdoctoral researcher at the Oxford Internet Institute.

Apart from shopping and the ‘old and young care’ industries, the report gave amazing insights into the ‘domestic housework’ industry. The report mentions that “Robots for domestic household tasks, such as robot vacuum cleaners have become the most widely produced and sold robots in the world.”

Containing a group of 29 AI experts from the UK and 36 AI experts from Japan, the report gave some detailed consumer insights.

The researchers found that men in the UK tend to be more excited about the use of AI in home automation, however its opposite in Japan, where women seem to be more excited.

According to the report, this increase in home automation robots will significantly decrease the amount of time we spend in different home chores.


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