Ride-hailing service Careem starts adding 25,000 taxis to its fleet

Written by Ali Leghari ·  57 sec read >

Online ride-hailing giant Careem has started adding 25,000 taxis to its fleet in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Both the cities will receive this offer as company’s commitment to expand its services in the country.

Dubai-based ride-hailing service is operating in Pakistan since 2015 in seven different cities in the country. The idea is the same as calling other Careem rides, book your cab online and wait for the cab to arrive at your location.

Careem has upgraded its app and now one can see Careem cab option in the app.

According to the Propakistani, the General Manager of Careem in Islamabad Omer Zabit said, “We want existing taxis to benefit from the ride-hailing revolution. This will increase the number of rides they get and reduce the wasteful kilometers spent looking for rides or the hours they spent waiting at taxi stands. For the customer, it brings ease of hailing to a familiar option at the lowest cost”.

Apart from the above-mentioned initiative, Careem has also introduced women drivers in Pakistan, enabling women to become independent and more empowered.

Apart from Pakistan, Careem is also serving in the Middle East and North Africa. Moreover, one of the most important countries of Middle East Saudia Arabia banned Careem and Uber service in the country, citing license requirement.

Careem’s arch rival Uber has started its operation in Faisalabad yesterday, trying to compete with Careem which was already operating in the city.

Let’s see how Uber will tackle this move by Careem.

Furthermore, Mr. Omer Zabit said that we are open for all and any taxi can join our platform.