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Runtastic Pedometer – An Android App For Your Daily Workout!

Written by Nooh Kazi ·  1 min read >

It is recommended that one should walk 10,000 steps daily to stay fit all round, so how would you switch to an active lifestyle and track your workout? Well, Runtastic Pedometer is the answer. It is a pedometer app, which tracks your steps, while you are walking. It can work while your device is in your pocket, purse or bag, as long as you are carrying it with yourself. The app uses accelerometer for the tracking of steps. The app tracks your daily goal of 10,000 steps and the steps you have walked; also it keeps a record of your daily workout, syncing it with your online Runtastic account or MyFitnessPal account.

The app also notifies you of the speed you are walking at, as well as the distance you have covered. The workouts are tracked in the form of sessions. Each session is initiated and terminated by the user itself. The app starts the timer, noting the time of the session and starts tracking the steps you have covered, the distance you have travelled and the speed at which you are travelling. At the end of every session, the app asks you for certain information, which includes information like the temperature of surroundings, the weather conditions and the surface on which you were walking, your mode and your average heartbeat. Then it gives you an overview of the whole session and syncs it to your Runtastic account. Details of the sessions can be recalled at any instance from ones account.

Social network integration in the app is quite good as well; it would let you share your workout session details on Facebook, twitter or Google+. There is pro version of the app also available, which unlocks even more features which include the details of the calories you have burned, the frequency of your steps (basically the average number of steps you walk per minute), and no ads of course.

To sum up this is a great app, as I am a University student and have to walk a lot around the campus, I love to track my steps and tell myself that I have walked enough steps for a day to keep myself fit. Also, many people simply love to walk as well, this app can be great for them as well and after all it is a great app for those who are health conscious and want to track their workout sessions.

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Written by Nooh Kazi
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