Samsung Galaxy X could replace Galaxy S10 in 2019

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The Galaxy S9 variants could be the last to wear the Galaxy S brand.

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is all set to be launching at MWC on Feb 25 and its successor Galaxy S10 is coming next year. That’s all we have heard so far. But this might not be true as the recent report coming from South Korea tells a different story. Although its hard to believe that Samsung will ditch the Galaxy S naming scheme, yet chances do exist that the South Korean giant will launch its next year flagship for the first half under the name of “Galaxy X.”

Although the upcoming Galaxy S9 variants are likely to rival Apple’s iPhone X with a combo, as Samsung Galaxy S9 might feature face unlock and iris scanner, yet the upcoming Galaxy X smartphone will take the rivalry to the next level. According to the report, the new Galaxy X might seem like inspired by iPhone X but it’s not, the reason behind copying this name slightly is giving short names to flagships that make them more popular. If Samsung would keep going like Galaxy S11, S12, and so on, it might be confusing for customers.

It must be noted that the same name has been surfacing in rumors for Samsung’s upcoming foldable smartphone, and hence the launch of the foldable smartphone is anticipated in 2019. Meanwhile, the South Korean giant has filed various patents for the upcoming foldable smartphone.

The Galaxy X is also said to incorporate a larger battery that will adopt a new “L” shape to further increase the overall battery life. Another significant upgrade will be support for 5G networks, which are expected to be available to consumers sometime next year.

In terms of the design, the Galaxy X is rumored to take the current bezel-less trend to the next level, reaching an impressive 93-percent screen-to-body ratio. Speaking of the display, it might include an in-display fingerprint sensor, while the panel itself will once again be AMOLED. Other important features will include a big focus on 3D features such as face scanning, and advanced AI.

It is quite early to begin speculating about Samsung’s 2019 Galaxy X devices, but it will certainly be interesting to see what the final device looks like both outside and in this time next year. For now, though, the focus of most leaks and rumors is on the Samsung Galaxy S9 lineup which has been confirmed to launch at MWC in Barcelona.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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