Samsung introduces a “dual-cam solution” for low-end smartphones

By Talha Saqib on
February 7, 2018
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Samsung is already the world’s leading smartphones manufacturer. The firm is expediting its move to provide best smartphones in the industry. The South Korean tech giant has announced a new technology “ISOCELL Dual” that will help the manufactures to integrate a dual camera setup into the “mid to entry-level smartphones”.

Dual camera is in full rage these days, but in actual, implementing this hardware is a “difficult” and a “time consuming” task. This is where ISOCELL Dual would come handy, as it contains the dual-cam sensors along with the optimized image processing algorithms — making the implementation quite “simpler”. The company has described it as the “industry’s first total dual camera solution”.

Just like Samsung offers its processors, memory and flash storage to various OEMs, this new module would be offered to the other manufacturers as well.

The technology is focused on two popular dual-cam features; shooting in “low light” and blurring the background to create a “bokeh” effect. However, the manufacturers would have to choose between either of the two configurations – one allowing the low-light shooting and other the bokeh effect. No single module using ISOCELL Dual would be capable of applying both features into a budget phone.

The companies can either configure a 13MP and 5MP setup to enable the bokeh shooting or can implement two 8MP image sensors for capturing the low-light images.

As of yet, it is unknown that which companies would like to take benefit from the ISOCELL Dual, to make the low-end phones with better cameras. But it can be said that Samsung itself, would surely be using it for the coming budget phones.

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