Samsung to unveil a smartphone with 3 OLED screens

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May 2, 2018
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The tech giant Samsung seems to be supersizing its best Galaxy smartphones with the Galaxy X. According to a new leak reveals the new Galaxy which the whole world wants to see will be truly massive. The leak by Korean site The Bell, confirms Samsung’s long-awaited folding Galaxy X smartphone will incorporate not one, not two, but three OLED panels which unfold to create a display as large as a tablet.

The upcoming smartphone Galaxy X will have two 3.5-inch OLED panels on the front which will unfold to create a 7-inch tablet. While the third 3.5-inch panel will be fitted to the back of the phone so the device can be used when it is folded down from tablet mode.
The leak also states that Samsung will finalize the Galaxy X design in June 2018. This means changes could still be made by Samsung, although the company has admitted that it is going to release the Galaxy X in 2019.

Samsung plans to beat Apple with such a smartphone. The US-based company Apple is known to be working on its own foldable iPhone, but it remains at a very early stage.
With the Galaxy X, Samsung wants to be a valuable differentiator next year. The company has only the supercharged Galaxy Note 9 left of its major smartphone launches for 2018.

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