Samsung Galaxy X design leak suggests three OLED screens

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A few days ago, a Korean media outlet leaked the design of Samsung Galaxy S10 which claimed that S10 will have some design changes compared to its previous variants, though the Infinity Display will remain the same. Now here comes another surprising leak about Galaxy S10 that is close enough to our yesterday’s report of rebranded Galaxy X and it suggests that will incorporate three OLED panels which unfold to create a display as large as a tablet.

According to Korean news agency, The Bell, Samsung plans to place three OLED panels in the Galaxy X to make it a folding smartphone that becomes a tablet, effectively. The front of the phone comes with two 3.5-inch screens which become a 7-inch tablet-style display. The rear also has a 3.5-inch screen so that the phone can be viewed even when folded down.

Samsung reportedly said that it will decide on the final design by June this year and production of the foldable phone will begin at the end of the year for a release in 2019. It sounds like Samsung won’t produce this on a scale anywhere near to its flagship Galaxy S9, but will make a smaller batch for a more trial-like release. One for early adopters then.

While previous rumors suggested the Galaxy X would feature a single screen that folds, this suggests we can expect multiple screens that hinge together. The problem here will be a line gap in between screens. Here’s hoping that edge to edge Infinity Display helps to solve this issue.

Image Source: Forbes

Written by Sajeel Syed
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