Samsung Unveils World’s First 57″ 8K Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Samsung, one of the biggest electronic giants has already made headlines with its biggest 49″ gaming monitor in 2021. This year, Samsung is planning to bring something exciting and attractive for customers.

As we know, Samsung always strives to bring competitive products to the market at competitive rates. Therefore, this time it is bringing Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 once again. This time it is bringing bigger than the previous one with high-tech specifications.

The CES show took place in Las Vegas, and OLED monitors were staples at this event. Samsung has announced two new gaming monitors that have audacious specifications.

Odyssey Neo G9

The new Odyssey G9 was at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). It is a follow-up to Samsung’s previous Neo G9, which is a mini LED display that costs $2,499 nearly Rs 565833.48/-Pkr.

Moreover, Samsung has worked so hard to provide the best quality product to the customers therefore, this time the screen is 57″ and is advertised as a “super ultra-wide curved display”.

The new Odyssey G9 is Samsung’s first 8K ultra-wide monitor with a resolution of 7860×2160 pixels. Not only this, it possesses a 32.9 aspect ratio.  However, it is very important to mention it here that this is not the same resolution as traditional 8K TVs. As the previous ones had a typical resolution of 7860×4320 pixels, four times as many pixels as 4K.

The Neo G9 is a new technology with high specifications and still has a lot of pixels. It won’t be wrong if we say, it is double the number of a common 4K display. Hence, this is not the first gaming monitor with a display port 2.1. Though, Samsung has not said what other inputs it is able to support.

Odyssey G9

Indeed, it is a huge display, stretching out 49″ across. It has a more subtle 1800R curvature and a 5.120×1440 resolution. Its 240 Hz refresh rate features the company’s quantum dot OLED technology. It allows for per-pixel control, and infinite blacks OLEDs are known for producing. However, this affords it around 1,000,000:1 with a snappy 0.1ms response time.

This also adds support for lossless Display Screen Compression. There are currently no details on whether it will have a One Connect Box similar to the Odyssey Ark, though there may be one.

Moreover, it is a matte display with a contracts ratio of 1,000,000:1, a smooth 240 Hz refresh rate, HDR 1,000 support, and a quick 0.1ms response time.

Samsung has unveiled this much information about the display and other technical things, but the company has promised to reveal more soon.

Alas, the monitor is set to debut this year later, but a price has not been yet mentioned. Given the display’s high-end specifications, we anticipate its price to be significantly higher than $2,500. These are the same specifications as Lags’ current OLED gaming panel offered by Alien ware.

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