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In Real Life Test Performance,The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Completely Destroys The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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With the emergence of technology, many new entrants have taken place in mobile phone manufacturing. Many new mobile phone manufacturers have stepped into the game, and it seems it will not end here. The market will grow, and new entrants will also enter.
Though the competition is challenging for all manufacturers, everyone is trying to produce a modern, quality product.
Previously, Samsung, Huawei, and Apple were the market leads. Whereas other manufacturers primarily targeted entry-level and mid-range smartphones. In contrast, today, every manufacturer is trying to be at the top of the ladder. Therefore, they are trying to produce their best by providing specified modern features to capture the market.

Galaxy S22 Vs.iPhone 14 Pro Max

Samsung and Apple Are The Market Leaders

If we look around, we have many mobile manufacturers in the market today. All produce modern, reliable features and aim to cater to the customer’s needs. Samsung, Huwaei, Realme, Redmi, Huwaei, Oppo, Vivo, Nokia, Sony, Infinix etc., are all trying to claim the top spot.

However, not everyone can be at the top of the ladder. Although, everyone is trying to provide the best in terms of technology and advancement.

Samsung and Apple both produce top-notch smartphones with the maximum features, design and durability. The debate between Samsung and Apple is that who is best is non-ending. Both have a considerable market share, and everyone thinks their chosen company is the best.

Apple user says that Samsung is trash, whereas Samsung users say iPhones are overrated. It isn’t easy to convince an iPhone user that Samsung is the best in every aspect. It is only possible to convince Samsung users that iPhone is better. According to the surveys, both companies have a strong market, and their customers still wait to switch to any other brand.

The young smartphone analyst conducted a real-life performance test to get the best results on which company has the lead. The test shows the real side of the picture. In this way, we can quickly determine whether benchmark results accurately reflect how well smartphones perform in actual use.

According to the test, each test’s winner receives one point. So it is either 1 point or nothing. Therefore, in the end, we will know how many points each phone received.

Geekbench Score For iPhone 14 Pro Max and Samsung S22 Ultra

A test was conducted to know the scores of both devices. Geekbench evaluates the processor and memory performance of a smartphone. Not only this, but it matches it with actual life functionalities.

The Samsung Galaxy S22

The result shows that Ultra got a Geekbench Score of 1168 for the single core score. On the other hand, it got 3508 for the multi-core score.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

On the contrary, iPhone 14 scored 1879 for single core. Whereas 4664 points for multi-core.

The result depicts that the iPhone 14 Pro Max Completely leads the Samsung Ultra S22 in both single-core and multi-core. This shows that iPhone leads the market.

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