SanDisk launches its fastest ever USB that can transfer a 4K movie in about 15 seconds

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SanDisk HQ

Just a couple of days back, during the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show, Kingston showed off the World’s largest ever, in capacity, USB flash drive. And here, just a couple of days forward, SanDisk has also brought to us one of the fastest ever USB drives ever made.

Extreme PRO USB 3.1 is a solid state flash drive from SanDisk that would be able to transfer data at pretty enormous speeds. The flash drive will be able to read data at a lightning speed of 420 MB/s while it would be able to write at about 380 MB/s. The flash drive will have a capacity of 256 GB.

As a matter of surprising fact, the said USB, although, is one of the best on this planet isn’t made Type-C, in fact it is a USB 3.0 with Type-A. The drive which will come encased in durable and attractive Aluminum casing will be able to transfer one single 4K movie in about 15 seconds.

The 256 GB variant of the USB will be priced at about $179.9 while the 128 GB variant for $80.

SanDisk also launched the Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card along with it. The card would be able to support transfer speeds of up to 95 MB/s. The card would cost $199.9. Both articles would start shipping to global markets later this month.

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