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Scientists develop battery for electric cars to charge in 10 minutes

Written by AbuBakar ·  1 min read >

Researchers from Penn State have developed a battery that will get charged in just 10 minutes so you can hit the road again. The Lithium-ion battery uses in portable electronics and electric vehicles.

The battery would give 200 miles per ten minutes charge while maintaining 2500 charging cycles. This is equal to half a million in the whole battery’s life.

After this new technology, the shift from traditional vehicles to electronic vehicles has become easy. The “Range anxiety” is the factor people are avoiding the adoption of the electric vehicles totally. They have the fear that the charge would run out in the time of need.

Researchers have designed the new battery to give tough competition to gasoline-based vehicles. The study reveals that the fast charging achieved by experimenting it on high temperature and then storing it slowly at a cooler temperature. The scientist found out that this way batteries avoid performance loss because of “battery plaque”. Battery plaque cause due to the growth of solid-electrolyte-inter-phase (SEI) on the battery when exposed to heat.

Xiao-Guang Yang, co-author and assistant research professor at Penn State said in an email “No matter the vehicle is in the summer of Arizona or winter of Wisconsin, the battery is always charged at 60 degrees C,” he further said “our approach, for the first time, makes charging of electric vehicles truly weather- and region-independent.”

The asymmetrical charging achieved by adding a thin nickel foil on the battery. The nickel foil first absorbs the battery heat and then transfers the heat all itself for quick high-temperature charge.

The current battery cannot be moderated to this technology so the car would require a new battery with built-inn new internal heating structure. Yang said they are working on reduces 10 min charging to further 5 min, if that happens then charging an electric vehicle would take the same time as refueling a gasoline car.