Selfie Museum opens doors to selfie fanatics

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Good news for selfie lovers. Now, you can learn about the history of a selfie.

Recently, Los Angeles has officially opened the doors of a museum that will allow people to learn about the history and cultural phenomenon of the selfie. Surprisingly, the selfie has roots dating back 40,000 years. Previously, they had the Museum of Failure, Happy Place, Candytopia and the Museum of Ice Cream but it seems this museum will be the most popular though.

In the museum, visitors can explore the origin of the selfie through the lens of art, history, technology, and culture while taking some cool selfies of their very own with interactive installations. The visiting ticket of the museum costs $25.

Here are some exciting things you can do at the Selfie Museum

Take awesome rooftop selfie

There will be a wide range of sets to take cool selfies from the “high-up selfie” a rooftop selfie mimicking the top of a skyscraper where visitors can climb on top, to the “bathroom selfie” which is a two-sided room that lacks self-reflection but is excellent for trick photography.

Check out Exhibitions

The exhibitions will include the “food selfie,” that satisfies taste buds and foodie, and a “narcissist selfie” exhibit the number of deaths from selfie-related accidents.

Get a selfie with this record-breaking selfie stick

There will be a record-breaking selfie stick measuring 90-feet, extending through the entire museum. People can take their memorable selfie with this huge selfie stick.

Learn about incredible artists from the past

The museum will also feature the artwork of all time great artists like the Mona Lisa and the work of Van Gogh where you would learn the history of art and artists.

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