Britain to Host World’s First Global Summit on Artificial Intelligence Safety

According to details, the global AI summit will be attended by US President ‘Joe Biden’ and UK Prime Minister...

Jun 8 · >

US State Montana Bans TikTok on All Personal Devices

Protesting to the ban, TikTok issued a statement saying that the state-wide ban “infringes on the First Amendment rights...

May 18 · >

Seagate Fined $300 Million For Selling Hard Drives to China

The $300 Million fine was issued to Seagate by the US Department of Commerce (DOC) for illegally selling hard...

May 4 · >

Artificial Intelligence Could be a Danger to Society: US President Joe Biden

In a meeting with advisors on science and technology, Biden said that tech companies must ensure that their AI...

Apr 5 · >

Crypto Coins Stabilize as US Announces Plans to Limit SVB Fallout

Both cryptocurrencies and crypto based stocks began to stabilize after the US government announced to limit the fallout from...

Mar 14 · >

US Orders All Federal Agencies to Uninstall TikTok from Government Devices

“We firmly oppose those wrong actions,” said China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson while speaking about the TikTok ban The US...

Mar 1 · >

North Korean Hackers Have Stolen Around $1.2 Billion in Crypto

This North Korean Crypto Hackers have been stealing these $1.2 Billion worth of cryptocurrencies since 2018, however a major...

Feb 20 · >

US companies are exploring economic opportunities in Pakistan

The United States on Wednesday assured its support to Pakistan’s economy amid the unrelenting coronavirus challenges and expressed satisfaction...

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May 6 · >

Pakistan seeks strong trade, investment ties with US: Ambassador Asad Majeed

Pakistan is looking to establish strong bilateral trade and investment ties with the US under the new administration of...

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Jan 22 · >

For the first time ever, Pakistan’s exports to US cross $400mn for three months straight

In what is surely a grand milestone for Pakistani exporters, the nation’s exports to the United States crossed the...

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Jan 8 · >

Trillions of dollars could have been saved if US had followed Pakistan’s lockdown strategy

Lawrence Henry Summers, a Former Undersecretary for International Affairs in the United States of America, on Sunday, remarked on...

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Oct 21 · >

President Trump signs order to suspend H-1B and other work visas till December

The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, has signed an executive order that temporarily halts H-1B,...

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Jun 23 · >