She Loves Tech Startup Competition 2020 deadline extended till 7th September

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The world’s largest startup competition for women has extended its registration deadline until 7th September. The competition is operating in 30 countries and has had a global impact of $150 million in funding to date and more than a billion media impressions. The Pakistan competition is sponsored by HBL and has a network of partners including Impact Dynamics, P@SHA and other renowned organizations.

In 2018, Aurat Raaj won the She Loves Tech Pakistan competition through its platform promoting gender equality, women empowerment, and inclusion. The platform also has a friendly chatbot, Raaji, which helps women to recover from gender violence and tackles questions related to reproduction health, myths etc.

In 2019, a startup aimed at curing mental health disorders won the local competition. DOT-Mind Unlocked developed a headset that reads brainwave activity to diagnose and treat mental disorders such as ADHD more efficiently. Founder Yishel Khan won an Rs. 150,000 cash prize from Cargill and a trip to Beijing, China to compete in the Global Round for a $15,000 equity-free cash prize.

The deadline for the 2020 Competition is till 7th September and interested female startup owners can apply through this link: The She Loves Tech Pakistan Competition is completely virtual and open for all women of the country for the first time. The following are the requirements for the program:

  1. You have a startup and have raised less than $5M
  1. Have an early age startup that is women-led or impacts women

More information about the competition is available on the CIRCLE Facebook Page.

Written by Shaheryar Ehsan
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